We couldn’t be more grateful to Quintess team

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We were in a unique situation with this trip as half of our group was stranded in Cabo for a few days after Hurricane Odile struck. We couldn’t be more grateful to Prem and the Quintess team (Silvana Carpentino) for helping our group find a suitable place to stay and making sure they were on one of the first flights out of the airport.


Although the service post-hurricane is what is most remembered and appreciated, Prem was a fantastic host, seamlessly arranging all of our transportation, dinners, massages and chef services and making good recommendations based on his experience.

We are looking forward to returning to Cabo next year and hope to thank Prem and Silvana in person. And thank you for the continued updates on what is going on post-hurricane. We are all curious and are relieved to have the updates on one of our favorite vacation spots.

“Dear Prem and Silvana – I’m not sure whether you’re able to receive emails yet, but wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so much for looking out for our group in the aftermath of Odile. I cannot express enough how grateful my family was to have the both of you looking out for my mother, sister and friends.

We were literally worried sick, not knowing how bad the devastation was and not being able to communicate with them but found solace in knowing that they were being cared for by you and the Quintess team. They have safely returned and Whitney filled me in on everything you both did for them.

Prem, we will be forever grateful that you stood up for them at the airport and got them on the plane to Mexico City. Silvana, thank you for going from house to house with them, finding them a suitable place to stay and giving them hugs when they needed them.I hope you and your families are safe and your homes aren’t too damaged.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you – feeling very helpless when we’ve seen the limited coverage on the situation and we’re thinking of you. I look forward to our next trip to Cabo when we can thank you in person.

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