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Like a lot of Members, we love to relax in Cabo, and always enjoy our Quintess holidays. But this summer, Rusty and I wanted to do something different, something more cultural. We decided on a “family field trip” to Europe with Weston (12) and Isabel (16). The fun started in Paris where we spent three nights, then three in Barcelona and, finally, London. It was an amazing trip for all of us!


Following the recommendations of Quintess, we hired a tour guide for the first day in each city. I can’t tell you how this improved our trip and helped us decide what to do on our other days. Each guide was better than the last—engaging the kids, telling stories, giving us a real sense of the history. Isabel loved the Louvre and was able to make connections with art and history, which was really neat for her.

In Paris, we enjoyed the food and the service at Le Grand Colbert. We sat at the table where the scene in “Something’s Got To Give” was filmed, which was really fun. We went out for some incredibly nice dinners—all the recommendations from the Hosts were perfect. I especially loved the food in London. I was there 20 years ago and it was awful, but things have changed! Rusty and I are both vegetarians, and that was never a problem. In London we went to the top of the W Hotel—there’s the most amazing view, drinks and snacks and then went back later for dinner at the restaurant. For the whole trip, I’d have to say Skylon was our best meal. It’s right on the Thames, in front of the London Eye Ferris wheel and the food was phenomenal.


Rusty absolutely loved Barcelona, and we were all absolutely blown away La Sagrada Familia. Construction was started in 1882 and it won’t be complete until 2028! This is the most beautiful, unique thing I’ve ever seen in my life and if we hadn’t liked one other thing in Barcelona, that alone would have been worth the trip. Our guide for this was wonderful as well, and really helped us to understand the nuances. We also had fish pedicures, where tiny fish nibble on your feet. The kids loved it!
Every Quintess Member who goes to London loves Ronan, the Host, and we were no different. The guide he arranged for us also used to be a Quintess Host, and he was phenomenal, just lovely. Weston loved the Tower of London, he was enthralled with learning whose heads were chopped off and why. He just read “Macbeth” this last year in school, so he was making these connections and it couldn’t have been more perfect. His eyes got big when he saw the armory—we just don’t have that in America and he realized wow, people actually walked around in that stuff.


Everything about the trip was fun and a learning experience—we saw demonstrations in all three cities (including people dressed like badgers)! In a park in London we realized that no one was exercising, the way you people jogging and such here. Thanks to the Quintess Hosts for helping making it such a great field trip!

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